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This is the next step to unleashing more power from your B58 powerplant, as with the OP400 package, this OP500 package will gaurantee that your vehicle leaves the workshop with over 500bhp safely. This package comprises of a 5" Osprey Decat downpipe, Osprey V3 intake, Osprey charge pipe and BMW TU high pressure fuel pump upgrade and a new DAW Hypercore to exceed the 500bhp bracket. Tuned through MHD with an HLC custom map we can gaurantee HP figures of 520-590bhp with the right combination of hardware parts. A 2nd switchable map is available on request for an additional fee.


You will also receive a dyno print out and a bespoke decal pack to set your car apart from the regular B58 enthusiast. Once you have completed your purchase, we will arrnge a date for fitment and tuning.


ALL pricing INCLUDES fitment!!!


Once you have made your purchase, we will be in touch to setup an installation date.


Disclaimer: Purchases of Decat Downpipes are not recommended for Road Use but only Off Road Use

OP500 package

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