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Whats ECA?

CAN Ethanol Content Analyzer reads information from E85 Sensor,

converts it to CAN format, and sends it to Engine Computer (DME).


What's the Difference between E85 and Flexfuel?

Shortly, E85 - is a type of fuel, that has very high octane rating.

FlexFuel Feature - The ability to adjust the Engine Computer parameters on the fly,or in other words - autotune -  based on information from ECA, Frankly based on the E85 content in the tank.


What is this Kit?

This kit enables a FlexFuel feature for MHD and EcuTek tuned cars.


Without the correct tune (for the E85 blend used), the engine will not work right and may get damaged.


Which cars are supported?


  • F series Gen1 B58B30M0 Engine with Automatic Transmission
  • G30(5 Series), G01 (X3 Series) Gen1 B58 Engine with Automatic Transmission
  • G20, Supra MKV, G01 (X3 Series), G30 (5 Series) Gen2 B58 Engine with Automatic Transmission
  • X3m, X4m, M3 G80, M4 G82 - S58 Engines Automatic Transmission
  • Open Wire with PosiTap option for Manual Cars

What else do I need to know?

Easy Install, no need to splice or solder any wires

It's plug-and-play, including connectors and fuel hoses.

Hoses are tested with 10 bars of static pressure (145 Psi)


It's different from any alternative!

No need to guess how to make it work 

We test each unit before we ship it


What's in the Box

  • Ethanol Analyzer Module

  • Ethanol Sensor

  • Custom P&P Piggy Harness

  • Custom P&P Hoses from Precision Raceworks

  • Eye Protecting Glasses

  • Hand Protecting Gloves





MHD ECN FlexFuel Analyzer

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