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  • Chris Smit

Osprey Performance is finally ready to rip!

Osprey is online and we are open for business, from concept to market in 4 months, I think, is a petty good effort considering we tried to get going during a pandemic and over the festive season, apart from trying to settle in a new country and deal with the lockdowns, we also had to navigate the new importing laws, tax laws and economic infrastructure of this epic kingdom, but through our perseverance we have finally managed to get ourselves on the right path, albeit slightly sideways with a cloud of tyre smoke!

For these next few months we will be focused on supplying quality products at affordable prices to enthusiasts via our online store, we're offering free delivery anywhere in the UK and next day delivery in Essex, our product range will increase every 2 months, if all goes well we can open our first fitment center before summer.

This week we will be kicking off a social media marketing campaign, once lockdown restrictions loosen a bit we can do some competitions with the enthusiasts and attend some racing events to show off some of our products. I look forward to interacting with other fellow enthusiasts and getting some seat time in on our M140i. Let the good times roll (once restrictions allow, of course!)

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