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  • Chris Smit

OP1000 goes 9.7sec@143mph at Santa Pod

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

In our first season with Harvey Bhogal and the Throttle Motors M140i, we have achieved our main goal we set out at the beginning of the season which was to run their M140i deeper into the 9 second bracket than they did last year with a different turbo system that was already being pushed to it's limits

After only a few short weeks of testing and tuning we managed to get them back to where they left off last season but with less boost and less stress on the car, the OP1000 kit had no problem powering the little white 5 door M140i to a personal best of 9.7sec at 143mph at Santa Pod at the BMW show recently. This car has now made more passes in the 9sec halfway in the season than it has 10sec passes in all it's life.

Another interesting metric is the 100-200km/h time which is an impressive 4.3sec, making this the fastest 100-200km/h time for a RWD B58 powered car in the world, even more impressive is the 0-200km/h time of just 7.22sec. All of this achieved with an OP1000 kit on a stock engine and stock gearbox, truly something to be proud of.

This kit genuinely has more in it as we have found the gearbox limitations well before the turbo is out of its' efficiency range, so it's safe to say that after a newly upgraded gearbox and bottom end, we could possibly see this car running in the low 9 second bracket next season on a 245 width tyre which is just unheard of.

We are grateful for the opportunity and experience we shared with Harvey and his team at Throttle Motors this season and look forward to going even faster in the future with them. The OP1000 has proven itself off and on the track. Roll on 2023...

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