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  • Chris Smit

M140i development update

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

These B58 motors never cease to amaze. Over the past few weeks we have been selling the complete intake solution which is comprised of an Osprey air filter, billet MAF housing, silicon top pipe and enlarged lower turbo inlet pipe, some customers only wanted parts of the kit like the lower turbo inlet pipe which is unrestricted like the OE part or the top silicon pipe which doesn't have a baffle like the OE part, both pieces improve the sound and throttle response of the B58 factory turbo. So we broke up the remaining kits and now have made them available in the online store as individual parts, this got me thinking though...

With so many different intake kits on the market at different pricing points, and seeing how some kits are interchangeable with our unique lower turbo inlet pipe, I though it was strange that nobody had designed and fabricated a true "air filter element to turbo" solution for this platform. The benefits of having one single pipe that connects the air filter element to the turbo with no restrictions or baffles without causing more questions like "will it fit this kit" and actually yield a better power increase then what is currently available in the aftermarket segment.

This was right up my alley, so I got my hands on some aluminium piping in a very specific size, the same inner diameter as the factory MAF housing, and modified a damaged lower turbo inlet pipe and fabricated the desired product, I also relocated the MAF sensor lower down into the pipe as I felt the current solutions available were not recording accurately at high RPM when the turbo was at maximum boost, (long story short, there is no air diffuser before the AFM and given past experiences with other AFM models we found that "straightening" the air before the reading gave us a more accurate measurement). I gave it a good coat of VHT paint and got it on the car this past weekend for testing....

So far I can report that I have had no engine warning lights coming on at any point, there is now an even louder chatter from the turbo, I'm guessing that the previous silicon section was muffling the turbo slightly, and I have felt a rather significant increase in power throughout the rev range, the new intake being made of all aluminium seems to have the effect of a trumpet for the turbo, there is even a nice "frrrrrrr" backspin noise when I lift off the throttle at any point. Once the car has been on the rollers again I will have comparable numbers but I can confidently say that there is such a significant increase that I can report this with out the numbers.

On a side note: I have entered the car into the next Terminal Velocity event in May to carry out Dragy testing so we can finally see the results of all the R and D.

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