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  • Chris Smit

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Osprey fans, thank you all for a great 2021, as we roll into the first quarter of 2022 I would like to share some of our achievements and goals going forward as a new business in the UK.

Last year we managed to achieve our sales target for the year and bring some new and exciting products to market that are truly unrivalled, and thus we are able to enter the next phase of the business which is to expand out of our home based distribution format and move the business to a new industrial facility where we can manufacture and hold larger stock volumes and fine tune our services and sales ability. We can now also offer fitment services to local clients and those that don't mind the journey to Colchester, I'll share pictures of the facility in my next post with all the details of the new Osprey Headquarters.

We can now open up our range of products to accommodate more models, although that being said, January will be the last month that we advertise and supply VAG products. I feel that if we can specialize and focus our efforts on the BMW segment as there is no real UK based solution for many of the other engine platforms like the B48 for instance; we will find more traction in the aftermarket performance parts market, so in February we will adjust our focus and expand the catalogue towards the BMW market.

Provided there are no hiccups, we should have our dyno here mid to late February, this will allow us to test our newest creations immediately in a safe and controlled environment.

Thank you for the support so far and I look forward to seeing you at the race track!! Roll on 2022

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