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  • Chris Smit

6 month rundown... We've been busy

What a crazy passed 6 months it's been, after running 9's in JLO, Osprey the business has taken off like a rocket. I thought it would be a good time to tell the 5 readers of these blogs about what has been happening, 1st off; we started a YouTube channel!

Our venture into the YouTube space is more aligned with where I want to take Osprey as a business, primarily as a race team that records and shares all our race car builds, events and achievements and secondly as a supplier of unique performance products for B58 and S58 based vehicles, right now the parts side is still our primary business model but I fully expect the turnaround with YouTube to happen this year.

We've started building our long term race car for the next few seasons too, this car deserves a blog all on its own to be fair. The target for the new car is to be the fastest Gen 1 B58, we want the 1/4 mile records and anything else we can get with it, ultimately this car will be used for racing in the USA next year.

We've also bought the warehouse next door and opened up a service and repair center for B58's, my hope is that this shop which is now an extension of the original shop will be its own entity with staff and management by the end of this year so that I can focus more on the racing and YouTube side of things. So yea, all in all, its been a mad 6 months.

Thanks for reading and following our progress as a company and racing team, we look forward to the next milestones and sharing them with all 5 of you.

- Chris

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