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  • Chris Smit

10s on the cards!

These B58 engines... 6 months of ownership and this car is ready to be crowned the quickest M140 stock turbo in the UK, I think this is becoming more of a personal conquest than it is development but these B58's just keep exceeding expectations.

At the last half mile event the car managed 144mph, we however recorded 152mph on the Dragy, but the official results of the event were 144mph, I think I can attribute this to where the start line is at the event and where the Dragy started recording, this was done with a stage 2 OTS tune from MHD on

99 Shell VPower. So not overly fantastic results but considering that there were 600hp M4's there in the mid 150s I felt that we did ok, the car didn't skip a beat. The next outing we would be turning things up a bit.

More recently we attended 2 private test sessions at Santa Pod, the first meeting I only managed to get 2 runs in before we had to leave, both runs the car ran 11.4 sec at 122mph, to say we were shocked was an understatement, I knew there was more in the car as we hadn't tweaked the gearbox settings in XHP and I hadn't started lowering the Hoosiers' tyre pressures yet, so on the next outing I knew we would go faster.

So on the second outing to Santa Pod the temperature on the day was hovering around 30 degrees C, (I thought this was the UK, WTF!?) I set the car up as best I could for the conditions and on the first run it clocked in 11.2, I repeated this 2 more times and even though the 1/8 mile improved each time; the exit speed at the 1/4 mile mark was falling off, the car was struggling with heat soak so I opted to leave the car to cool for a few hours and the air temperature dropped by 2 degrees, in this time I dropped the tyre pressure 11psi and lifted the torque limiter in 2nd gear and programmed the launch control to take off in 2nd gear, my thinking was that I knew the back half of the quarter mile is about power which I didn't really have enough of to go faster than about 124mph but it was a hot day and the track temp meant it was nice and sticky so I would take full advantage of the traction to try get a quicker quarter mile.

Sure enough, at 3pm, on its final run, the car popped off a blistering

1.6sec 60ft

3.3sec 0-62mph

11.1sec quarter mile at 122mph exit speed.

Not bad for a car with less than £2000 spent on modifications. I am optimistic that the M140 will go under 11s at he next event and secure its place at the top of the stock turbo B58 records. I am also starting to gather the necessary parts in order for us to build a full after market full frame bolt on turbo option for the B58, then we will go back to the half mile event and try our luck there.

To date this car has the following mods all available from Osprey -

Osprey Performance V3 intake

Osprey Performance Charge pipe

Osprey Performance Decat downpipe

B58TU fuel pump

MHD E40 OTS tune

XHP stage 3 gearbox tune

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