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A bespoke oil catch can for any F series BMW with a B58 engine. This catch can will catch any oil escaping the PCV system and prevent it from re-entering the engine via the turbo inlet, this will help keep your valves clean and prevent oil combustion in the cylinder which further leads to premature engine fatigue. It is becoming more and more coming for owners who run high boost and/or ethanol blends to experience increased oil consumption, even though this will not stop that, it will prevent the escaping oil from going into parts of the engine where it can cause problems.The catch can is coupled to the cam cover PCV outlet via special AN-10 fittings and PTFE reinforced hoses, this is a simple and effective upgrade to install especially if you are running ethanol blends or an aftermarket turbo.This will not fit with the standard airbox in place, it is specifically designed for owners using an Osprey V2 intake.


V2 Heatshields not included.


*Please allow for 3 - 5 days fabrication time as these are made to order items*

B58 Oil Catch Can

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