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We're pleased to present the B58 community with the all New Flow Max series of Turbochargers. This turbo fills the gap perfectly for customers who are seeking daily usable and reliable power between 525hp-650hp with stock turbo-like spool up, this is a high quality unit produced in the USA with loads of development and constant updates, this is the final version and is availble in the UK now with upgraded options direct from DAW. So far these units have proven 10 low second 1/4 mile passes and mid 5 sec 100-200km/h sprints on Dragy.


This price includes the high flow Osprey turbo inlet and coupler to suit stock airboxes and most other intakes that can connect to a stock plastic inlet, or you can choose to upgrade to an Osprey V2/V3 or V4 intake system.

DAW 2.5+Flow Max Turbo

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