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This aluminium inlet manifold is a direct replacement for the stock plastic inlet manifold which allows the use of the stock charge cooler but adds an addional 6 injector ports and the aluminium architecture allows the setup to safely boost more than 32psi, as the stock plastic inlet manifold often fails around or above that level.


There is a 4 x 1/8th NPT distribution plate for boost references added. This inlet also deletes the evaporation circuit to the air intake for a cleaner, more efficient running operation. There are also 2 billet machined adapters to incorporate the factory water pipes, so installation is easy and straightforward.


The low profile design of the injection system also means that the factory engine cover fits correctly without modification. The user will need to add a low pressure fuel pump upgrade and an injector controller and injectors which can be provided. All installation hardware is included.


- Inlet manifold

- Phenolic spacer

- Billet 2 port fuel rail

- Billet water pipe adapters

- All necessary hardware

B58 Gen 1 Inlet Manifold

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